Too Hot For Football Practice? The Debate Continues

Cynthia Rojas

June 17, 2012

Are 100 Degree 2-A-Day Practices Safe? The Consumer Team Investigates

After years of debate regarding the wisdom of allowing high school aged kids to attend 2-a-day practice sessions, both sides in this issue contend that they are arguing for ‘the best interest’ of the students.  Opponents contend that practicing in 100 degree weather puts young people at a higher risk for heat exhaustion or stroke.  Supporters say that 2-a-day practices in the heat prepare student athletes for the hot conditions that they’ll be exposed to during games.

The Consumer Team radio talk show will air a special segment devoted to the debate on Saturday, June 23 at 2PM Central on 570 KLIF Radio in Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Dr. Todd Thacker from PrimaCare in Lewisville, Texas will be a guest on the program.  Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented, “The debate regarding the wisdom of 2-a-day football practices in the heat is not going away.  We’re pleased to have Dr. Thacker join our program.  With his extensive experience at an urgent care facility, he regularly sees people impacted by heat related illness.  I think he will be an objective voice of reason in this pretty emotional debate.”

The Consumer Team program will also include tips for people who want to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Thomson added, “In Texas, we have to learn how to work around Mother Nature.  And during the summer, we want to be outside.  We’ll be providing listeners with ways that they can enjoy being outside but still be mindful of the dangers of too much heat.”

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