The Future of Social Security……Predictions & FAQs

Cynthia Rojas

June 24, 2012

Social Security Questions Answered on The Consumer Team

The future of Social Security will be a major focus on The Consumer Team radio talk show on Saturday, June 30 at 2PM on 570 KLIF Radio.   The Consumer Team will discuss the likelihood of the Social Security system going bankrupt and other frequently asked listener questions.  According to Consumer Team host Pete Thomson, the Social Security special programming is being aired in response to strong listener demand.  Thomson said, “Our Consumer Team research has shown that people over the age of 50 are very concerned about the future of Social Security.  They want to know if the benefit will survive long enough to collect a benefit.”

Jim Poe, president of Texas Retirement Specialists, will join The Consumer Team as a guest for the Social Security special programming.   Thomson added, “Jim Poe is an expert on investments and retirement planning.  He’s very knowledgeable regarding Social Security.”  According to Thomson, Poe will talk about several little known aspects of Social Security benefits.  “Because married couples have several options regarding how they can collect Social Security benefits, consumers can sometimes increase their benefits after doing an analysis on their situation.   Jim Poe will outline the various scenarios on The Consumer Team.  It will be very informative.”

The Consumer Team will also explore anticipated future changes in the Social Security system that will be necessary for the system to survive.  Thomson added, “In order to survive, Social Security will have to make changes.  And changing the minimum age requirements is just one aspect.   On the Consumer Team radio show we will discuss several areas of benefits and qualification criteria that we believe will change in the next several years.”

The Consumer Team is heard Saturdays from 2-4PM Central on 570 KLIF Radio.  For more information and to listen live, go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas