Pete Thomson: A Decade of Consumer Advocacy in Dallas-Ft. Worth

Cynthia Rojas

December 16, 2012

(Dallas, TX)      For over 10 years Pete Thomson has been on a mission.  His passion is to help his listeners get the very best deals on all the purchases they make.  As Thomson puts it, “I want to help my listeners save time, money and grief in their life as a consumer.”   As host of one of the most listened to consumer advocacy programs in the US, Thomson is heard weekly on 1080 KRLD Radio on Saturdays from 5-7PM.   The Consumer Team radio program features a mix of consumer headlines, sponsor interviews and consumer commentary.

Pete Thomson - Host of The Consumer Team

“Our goal on The Consumer Team,” Thomson continues “is bring our listeners information that will help them be successful as a consumer.  And between our weekly radio program on KRLD and our Consumer Team website at, our listeners have access to the best collection of consumer news and research available anywhere.”

The first ingredient to helping consumers, according to Thomson, is timely and objective consumer information.  Thomson stated, “Every week our writers and research team are looking for breaking consumer news to bring to The Consumer Team.   So, for example, if there’s a major auto or product recall, we quickly reach out to the manufacturer and to consumer research organizations to get a complete and accurate view of the issue.  Then we make sure that the story is vetted for accuracy and put into terms that the listener will relate to.   By the time the news hits the air on The Consumer Team we have several different perspectives on the story including the most important angle of what it means to our listener.”

Consumer Reports Magazine editors and writers are consistent contributors to The Consumer Team.   Thomson calls Consumer Reports the ‘best in the business.”  He added, “Consumer’s Union is an incredible organization.  Between Consumer Reports Magazine and Shop Smart Magazine, they are the most objective source of consumer information available anywhere.   And their ability to collect consumer research is unmatched.”

Because The Consumer Team is Dallas-Ft. Worth based on KRLD Radio, the radio program is able to give listeners recommendations on top rated businesses in North Texas.   Thomson said, “We are very careful about the sponsors we invite to be on The Consumer Team.  We look for business sponsors that are committed to fair pricing, high integrity and outstanding customer service.”

So what have been the highlights of Thomson’s consumer advocacy career in Dallas-Ft. Worth?   According to Thomson, “There have been a number of high points.   Our program is always on the front lines of reporting on recalls and consumer scams.   We know that reporting in these areas is a race against time and I’m proud of what our team has been able to accomplish.   Also, the opportunity to work with Consumer Reports Magazine and Shop Smart Magazine has been an honor.   Our Consumer Team sponsors are the best best in business and we’re proud to have them on the team.  And, having the opportunity to join CBS Radio and KRLD here in Dallas-Ft. Worth has been very exciting.”

Thomson said that he’s excited about the future of The Consumer Team.  Thomson said “We have several new initiatives that we’ll be rolling out in 2013 that will enable the consumer to get new and deeper levels of consumer information from The Consumer Team.  As far as specifics, Thomson adds “We’re not quite ready for any announcements yet, but as we say in the radio biz, ‘Don’t touch that dial.'”


Editor’s Note:  Pete Thomson is a veteran of television, radio and print management.   He has extensive experience consulting nonprofit organizations.  Currently, Pete Thomson is president/CEO of McQ Media Inc, a full service marketing and advertising firm based in Dallas, Texas.