Holiday Burglaries on the Rise: How to Protect Your Home

Cynthia Rojas

December 8, 2012

In the holiday movie classic “Home Alone“, the bungling, slap-stick ‘Wet Bandits’ plot to break into numerous unoccupied homes in an affluent suburban Chicago neighborhood during the Christmas holiday.   Fortunately, eight year old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) foils the bandit’s plans and saves the day resulting in a Merry Christmas.  However, and back to the real world, just talk to any cop and they’ll tell you horror stories of family holidays ruined because of a holiday home burglary.

Throughout the month of December, The Consumer Team radio program is airing a series of segments educating homeowners on how to avoid holiday home burglaries.   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team radio program, said the segments are made up of common sense as well as new tips.  Thomson said, “There are some very basic things that all homeowners can do to protect their homes from a holiday burglary.   We’ll be airing these tips along with several that people have most likely not considered.  All in all, our goal is to arm our listeners with home security tips for best practices so their homes can be safe and secure while they’re out of town.”

Joining The Consumer Team for the Holiday Home Security segments will be Officer Christopher Bianez from the Plano, Texas Police Department Crime Prevention Unit.   Officer Bianez is a 15 year veteran of the Plano Police Department.   According to Pete Thomson, “Officer Christopher Bianez of The Plano Police Department brings a wealth of experience to The Consumer Team.  He’s very astute and quite aware of the latest trends relative to home burglaries. ”   According to Thomson, technology is a tool that both burglars and homeowners are using.  Thomson added, “Even the bad guys have smart phones and they know how to use them.  Officer Bianez will be talking about how we can leverage technology to stay ahead of the bad guys to make sure our homes are safe during the holidays.”

The Holiday Home Security is part of a larger umbrella of Consumer Team holiday coverage.  Pete Thomson added, “We love the holidays at The Consumer Team.  Through all of our holiday talk radio programming for consumers our goal has been to help people save time, money and grief.  With the the help of incredible program partners like the Plano Police, Consumer Reports and Shop Smart Magazine, our content has been very timely and relevant.   And based on listener feedback, we believe that people are really coming away with valuable shopping and consumer tips for this holiday season.”   Pete Thomson has been involved in consumer advocacy journalism and broadcasting for over 10 years.   Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth,  The Consumer Team is one of the most listened to consumer advocacy programs on the air in the US.

The Consumer Team airs Saturdays from 5-7PM (Central) on KRLD 1080 AM Radio in Dallas.  For more information and to listen live, go to    The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, a full service advertising and marketing firm, based in Dallas, Texas.