Dr. Kent Smith Named President of American Sleep & Breathing Academy

Pete Thomson

November 19, 2016

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS – Consumer Team News)   Dr. Kent Smith of Sleep Dallas has been named President of the American Sleep & Breathing Academy.   Dr. Smith is a regular contributor to The Consumer Team talk radio program on 1080 KRLD Radio.   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented, “Dr. Kent Smith is a true leader in the area of sleep disorders.  For years, he’s been lecturing across the country to doctors and other professionals about healthy sleep.  We’re excited to see him move into this leadership position.”

Dr. Kent Smith - Sleep Dallas

Dr. Kent Smith – Sleep Dallas

Dr. Kent Smith’s contribution to healthy sleep has been significant.   He has been on the forefront of the development of a small oral appliance that can be used for the treatment of sleep apnea.  The appliance, similar in size to a mouth guard, has been very effective with patients not able to tolerate a CPAP machine.  Regarding Dr. Smith’s work in treating sleep apnea, Thomson added “Dr. Kent Smith and Sleep Dallas have helped thousands of patients who just couldn’t tolerate a CPAP.   Through this new advancement in treatment lives are being saved.”

As a regular guest on The Consumer Team, Dr. Smith has been able to bring a number of important discussions on healthy sleep to the program.   According to Thomson, this education is helping consumers get help before tragedy strikes.  Thomson added, “Drowsy driving is a real focus of Dr. Smith’s message lately.  Dr. Smith recently spoke to a congressional subcommittee about the issue.  The connection between drowsy driving and sleep apnea is clear and chilling.   It’s killing thousands of people every year.”

Dr. Kent Smith and Sleep Dallas offer a free initial consultation to patients who identify themselves as listeners to The Consumer Team.    Thomson added,  “The free initial consultation is a great opportunity for consumers to learn about the options available for treating sleep apnea.   We appreciate this valuable support of our listeners.”

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