Consumer Team Welcomes Cars For Kids

Pete Thomson

September 25, 2022


There are good and bad actors in every industry. The charity world is no exception. However, in the charity world identifying charities that aren’t worthy of your donation is a little tricky. Flashy websites, catchy jingles and celebrity endorsers often make an ad campaign effective, but they’re not an indicator that a charity is doing a good job of using the money they receive to help others.

On the Consumer Team we’re thrilled to be working with Cars For Kids. Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, they help at-risk kids in North Texas graduate from high school through the Texas Can Academies. We love the fact that this team is focusing on kids in North Texas. In addition, the ratings they get from charity watchdogs is equally impressive. Groups like and look beyond the flash and fancy commercials to rate nonprofits on how efficiently they operate. For credible non-profits like Cars For Kids, a high percentage of each donated dollar reaches people in need.

In the case of Cars For Kids, they amazingly turn donated vehicles into cash to help North Texas kids graduate from high school. These are kids who, because of life & family challenges, have had their high school years interrupted. Many find themselves at a crossroads. Cars For Kids help these young people at a time when they could easily head into adulthood without a high school diploma. Studies show that upwards of 30% of students who don’t get a high school diploma live in poverty. And to no surprise, similar statistics correlate the relationship between crime and not graduating from high school.

Every week on our program, we’re joined by the leadership of Cars For Kids. CEO Colin Weatherwax and Director of Marketing Raul Machuca Jr. are both in-the-trenches every day and give us valuable insight into the important work being done at Cars For Kids. Listen Saturdays 6-8 PM on 1080 KRLD for Consumer Team segments on Cars For Kids. To donate a vehicle or make a cash contribution, go to or call 866-835-5437.