Consumer Team: Small is the New Big

Cynthia Rojas

June 8, 2014

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH)    Consumer Team talk radio host Pete Thomson says his list of “certified” businesses will always be a small list.   For The Consumer Team, he says, “small is the new big.”   Thomson added, “For The Consumer Team to endorse a business, there has to be a deep relationship.   We must understand the business on a number of levels.  This process doesn’t lend it self to building a large list of sponsors.  It’s a small list but a very good list.”

The Consumer Team Seal of Approval

The Consumer Team Seal of Approval

Thomson says The Consumer Team’s small size means quality for his listeners on KRLD Radio, Dallas, TX.   He’s also critical of consumer sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp that feature thousands of recommended businesses.   Thomson added, “The idea for Yelp and Angie’s List is great.  However the execution is pretty bad.  These sites and all the user review sites can be gamed or manipulated by businesses who pay reviewers to post bogus reviews.  And Angie’s List, which gives ratings preference to businesses who advertise, is not a good resource for objective information in their current design.”

When Thomson looks at adding a new sponsor for The Consumer Team he considers several key questions.   He added, “First we look at the quality of the service or product provided.  Once that question is answered, we then look at how the business sets pricing.  In this area we look for fairness and transparency.  Beyond pricing, we look for a business that has a heart for the consumer and will be there with best in class customer service.”

The Consumer Team’s slow, deliberate and thorough vetting process is what Thomson said will limit its long-term growth potential.   Thomson explained, “Because of the way we carefully select businesses to join The Consumer Team, we won’t be growing into a large, multi-market operation.   Doing so, would undermine the very quality that we’ve established in building our consumer advocacy initiative.  So for us, small is big.”

The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM (Central) on 1080 KRLD Radio.   KRLD is the #1 rated news/talk station in Dallas-Ft. Worth with a weekly audience of over 500,000 persons.  For more information or to listen live, go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.