Consumer Team Radio….Getting Better Sleep

Cynthia Rojas

August 16, 2012

The Consumer Team talk radio program will discuss strategies for getting better sleep on Saturday, August 18, 2-4PM (Central) on 570 KLIF Radio, Dallas.  Jamie Hirsh, Consumer Reports Senior Associate Editor for Health, will be a featured guest in the program.  Hirsh played a key role in a recent Consumer Reports Magazine feature on better sleep.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented on the interview.  “The Consumer Reports team is unmatched when it comes to large research projects.  In their recent sleep study, they reached out to tens of thousands of readers regarding not only sleep issues but also strategies for a better night’s sleep.  This information combined with their ability to research and rate over the counter and prescription sleep aids has resulted in the most comprehensive study every done in the area of sleep.  We’re excited to have Jamie Hirsh on Consumer Team to share this valuable information”

According to the recent Consumer Reports sleep survey, 60% of respondents reported having difficulty falling or staying asleep at least 3 times per week.  Thomson added, “Lack of sleep connects to numerous other health issues.  Put another way, better sleep can be an effective foundation for improved overall health.  And fortunately, much of good sleep is based on good habits that can be learned.  Consumer Team listeners will have a chance to learn these habits from the interview.”

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