Consumer Team Interviews Mike Quincy on Best Cars

Cynthia Rojas

March 22, 2014

(Dallas-Ft. Worth)   Consumer Team host Pete Thomson calls the Consumer Reports annual auto issue the best source of automobile information available anywhere.   Mike Quincy, a key contributor to the CR auto issue will join Thomson for a series of interviews for the next 3 weeks on The Consumer Team, Saturday from 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD.

Commenting on the special Consumer Team automotive broadcasts, Thomson said, “Mike Quincy is one of the country’s top authorities on cars.  He’s a big contributor to Consumer Report’s annual auto issue and we’re delighted to have him on the broadcast.   Our listeners will be able to get some great information from our series of automotive interviews.”

According to Thomson, the interviews will cover areas where consumers are the most exposed to bad decisions.   He added, “One of the biggest mistakes that consumers make is buying a car that has received bad ratings.  On our interviews with Consumer Reports, we’ll review their top picks for new 2014 vehicles and their top-rated used cars too.  Beyond that, we’ll discuss how to use Consumer Reports’ website as a resource when buying a car.”

Thomson said that he considers the Consumer Reports research and data very objective.   He added, “Consumer Reports is the gold standard when it comes to consumer research.  First, they accept no advertising.  Beyond that, they buy every vehicle that they test.   As a result, the research data is very objective.”

Thomson and The Consumer Team have been critical of car business, especially the tactics of dealerships.   Thomson said, “The deck is stacked against the consumer when it comes to buying a car.   If a consumer goes into a car dealership without preparation, they can really be hurt financially.   On The Consumer Team our goal is to help our listeners be prepared.  With the proper preparation, consumers can come out of the process in one piece and with a good car to boot.”

The Consumer Team, one of the most listened to locally produced consumer advocacy talk radio programs in nation, airs weekly on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD, Dallas-Ft. Worth.  The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, TX.