Consumer Team Endorses Blue Nail Roofing

Cynthia Rojas

February 9, 2013

(DALLAS, TX)       The Consumer Team radio program announced that Eric Thomason of Blue Nail Roofing will be joining the program as an expert contributor and sponsor.   The selection of Blue Nail Roofing ends an exhaustive search for program host and producer Pete Thomson.   He commented, “We looked at several roofing companies to join The Consumer Team.   We’re very pleased to have Eric Thomason and his team at Blue Nail joining us on the broadcast.  When we call a sponsor ‘Consumer Team Certified’ it means that they’re our selection as the best that Dallas-Ft. Worth has to offer.   In our opinion Blue Nail Roofing is a quality roofing company that does outstanding work for their customers.”

Blue Nail Roofing: The Choice of The Consumer Team

Blue Nail Roofing owner Eric Thomason is a Dallas-Ft. Worth native and second generation roofing professional.   Thomson said that Eric Thomason’s background was an important factor in his selection to The Consumer Team.   Thomson said, “Eric learned professional roofing at a young age and now has made a career in a field that he knows well.”   Thomson also commented on other criteria that The Consumer Team used to select Blue Nail.  He continued, “Blue Nail has a long list of satisfied customers.  Eric is out in the field every day making sure that customers are well served and we really like that.  Also, Blue Nail’s brick-and-mortar location in Dallas is also important.   When storms occur, out of town roofers called ‘Storm Chasers’ come into storm areas looking for a quick buck.  When it comes to roofing and good service after the sale, doing business with a local roofing company is vital.”

According to Pete Thomson, the quality of Blue Nail Roofing’s employees was a major factor in their selection for The Consumer Team.   Thomson added, “Eric is very picky about the people he hires at Blue Nail Roofing.  While many roofers literally hire their workers off of street corners, Blue Nail Roofing uses trained professionals.   Better people result in a much better job for the consumer.”   Thomson also cited Blue Nail Roofing’s capabilities in a variety of home repair jobs.   Thomson said, “When storms hit Texas, homeowners often experience roof damage as well as damage to other areas of their home.  Blue Nail Roofing is also a full service contractor and can repair fences, gutters, siding and almost anything other damage that can occur to a home.”

According to Thomson, Eric Thomason will be a regular special guest on The Consumer Team radio program.  Segment topics will include best practices in the roofing industry, working with insurance companies, avoiding roofing scams and other topics of interest.

The Consumer Team is broadcast from 5-7PM Saturdays on 1080 KRLD in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.  KRLD is the leading news station in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market.   The Consumer Team features consumer tips, information and research designed to help listeners in the DFW Metroplex and beyond make better consumer and shopping decisions.   Pete Thomson has been working in the area of consumer advocacy for over 10 years.  He founded The Consumer Team with a mission to help Dallas and Ft. Worth consumers save time, money and grief in the consumer lives.  Thomson is also president/CEO of McQ Media, a Dallas based marketing and advertising firm.

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