Blue Nail Roofing Expert Inspectors Find “All the Damage”

Pete Thomson

May 22, 2018

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH – Consumer Team News)    We live in a high-speed world.  We want everything done yesterday.   The problem with fast in home repair is that it often means problems.  Eric Thomason, owner of Blue Nail Roofing, joined Pete Thomson of The Consumer Team recently to talk about issues that occur with quickie home and roof repair.   Thomason says the issues are shoddy work and incomplete inspections that often miss thousands of dollars of damage.  Thomason commented, “It’s a shame that homeowners are paying good money for insurance coverage but both their insurance and roofing companies are not identifying the damage.  At Blue Nail Roofing, our expert inspectors find all the damage for our clients”

Eric Thomason of Blue Nail Roofing on The Consumer Team

Thomason says the “missed damage” is occurring for several reasons.   He added, “Speed is an issue certainly.   Most roofing companies and insurance companies are trying to get the claim or a bid handled and get on with business.  They rush their inspection and often miss damage.   In our 10 years of serving North Texas, Blue Nail Roofing’s expert inspectors have identified thousands of dollars of damage that was missed by other companies.  And in most cases, we’re able to get the damage added to a customer’s insurance claim.”

Consumer Team host Pete Thomson added that Blue Nail Roofing’s expert inspectors found damage that his insurance company had originally missed.   He said, “We had a roof claim with our insurance company and the Blue Nail Roofing team found damage to several windows that the insurance company had missed in their inspection of my home.   Blue Nail was able to get this damage added to my claim.”

Thomason said that the Blue Nail inspectors find damage in areas that other roofing companies rarely inspect.  He said, “The Blue Nail inspectors know to look at all aspects of a home for damage.   We regularly find damage to pools, grills, outdoor living areas, fences and other areas that other companies don’t find.”

Eric Thomason urges homeowners to call Blue Nail Roofing for a complimentary inspection of their property.   To schedule an inspection, call 469-726-2176 or click here.    To learn more about Blue Nail Roofing, listen to The Consumer Team, Saturdays from 6-8 PM on 1080 KRLD.