Best Home Improvements for Return On Investment

Cynthia Rojas

June 13, 2012

The Best Home Improvements For ROI on The Consumer Team

“Home Improvements That Pay Off” will be featured this week on The Consumer Team talk radio show, Saturday at 2PM (Central) on 570 KLIF Radio.  Jim Dutton, host of Texas Home Improvement, will join The Consumer Team to discuss how to select home improvements that will result in a maximum increase in home value.   According to Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, there will be some surprises in the interview.  Thomson said, “Jim Dutton will be reviewing the latest statistics regarding which home improvements add the most value to a home.  The top rated improvement will come as a surprise to many people.”

Jim Dutton, who hosts Texas Home Improvement talk show on radio stations across Texas, is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable experts on home remodeling and home repair.  Thomson added, “Jim Dutton is the most listened to expert on home repair in the state of Texas.  Listeners love Jim because he’s no nonsense and explains even the most complicated projects in terms that people can understand.”

The Consumer Team radio talk show is broadcast Saturdays from 2-4PM (Central) on 570 KLIF Radio.  To listen live go to    The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media and THI Productions, Dallas, Texas.