Avoid the #1 HVAC Rip Off

Pete Thomson

May 29, 2022

(Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas) If you’re being pitched that you need to replace an HVAC system, we recommend that you pump-the-brakes and get a second opinion. I recently interviewed Brian Remington, General Manager of the On Time Experts, who estimates that 50% of the consumers don’t need a total unit replacement. He added, “We recently met with a customer who had been told their AC was beyond repair. As it turned out, a wire was loose and needed to be reconnected.” In addition to the rip-offs, Remington says many units being written off as ‘too old’ can last for several more years with proper maintenance. He added, “If an HVAC system is properly cleaned and serviced every year, its lifetime can often be extended. They key is to have a cleaning and servicing done at least once per year.”

Thomson recently recorded a Consumer Team Alert that is airing on Dallas-Ft. Worth radio and television stations. The message urges consumers to delay purchasing a new HVAC system in favor of getting a second opinion from The On Time Experts.

(Editor’s Note: Pete Thomson is a consumer advocate based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market. His weekly radio program, The Consumer Team, is broadcast Saturdays, 6-8 PM on 1080 KRLD Radio.)