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Consumer Team sponsors are the best-of-the-best. These are businesses that we’ve checked out and who have earned The Consumer Team ‘Seal of Approval’.
Buckner Parkway Place

Buckner Parkway Place

Anyone looking for senior living in Houston should consider Buckner Parkway Place.   Buckner’s reputation in retirement services is unmatched and the feeling of warmth and friendship is very apparent at Parkway Place.   Parkway Place is a “Continuing Care” retirement community which offers residents the comfort of knowing that many of the health services you’ll need for the future are available at Parkway Place.   For more information on Parkway Place, call 281-556-9200.   Be sure to mention that you’re a Consumer Team listener! 

Buckner Children & Family Services

Buckner Children & Family Services

Buckner International has been serving the needs of children and families since the end of the Civil War.   In Houston, Buckner’s Children & Family Services is very active in serving  the needs of children and single mothers.  On The Consumer Team, we’re excited to support Buckner’s ministry to Houston and the Gulf coast.   To learn more and to make a donation, go to 

Sleep Houston

Sleep Houston

Do you snore?   Do you live with someone who snores?   Snoring can be one of the symptoms of Sleep Apnea, a dangerous (and even fatal) condition if left untreated.    On The Consumer Team, we’re excited to be working with Sleep Houston and Dr. Meghna Dassani, DMD.   Dr. Dassani has been on the forefront of an alternative to the CPAP machine, which many people with Sleep Apnea just can’t tolerate.   The small oral appliance, available from Dr. Dassani, is helping patients treat their Sleep Apnea and get a good night’s sleep!  Call today and ask for the complimentary initial consultation.    281-488-4617

America's Choice Windows

America’s Choice Windows

There are many imitators, but only one America’s Choice Windows!   Led by owner Tray Martin, America’s Choice is based in Houston and has built a reputation of offering the very highest quality replacement windows for the lowest price.   If you’re shopping for replacement windows, make sure you call America’s Choice!    713-482-8902


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