(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS – Consumer Team News)   When it comes to car buying in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Consumer Team radio host Pete Thomson says ‘buyer beware.’   The Consumer Team is airing a series of reports on car scams in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  According to Thomson, the ‘wrecked car scam’ is costing North Texas consumers significantly.   Thomson said, “It’s so easy for pros to hide issues with a car.  Unless you buy from a responsible source, a consumer can really get into trouble.”

The Consumer Team: Exposing the Wrecked Car Scam

The Consumer Team: Exposing the Wrecked Car Scam

Another problem, according to Thomson, is the fact that Carfax reports are not always accurate.  Thomson added, “Consumer Reports has done several investigations into the reporting services.  Bottom line is that you can’t always trust what you read.  The services like Carfax can miss major problems, and there are ways that the services can be gamed.   We believe it’s fine to check these services, but not based a purchase on them.”

Instead, Thomson says, consumers should find a local dealership that has a good reputation in the marketplace.  “Our choice on Consumer Team“, Thomson continued, “is Auto Locators of Texas.  Richard Walsh and his team do an excellent job of selling only high quality vehicles for a fair price.”

Thomson cited Walsh’s extensive experience in buying vehicles.  Thomson said, “Richard has been buying cars at auction since he was a teenager and he can spot problems.  Beyond that, before he sells a car, it’s given a complete inspection and servicing.   We believe Auto Locators of Texas is best practices for a pre-owned car dealership.”

The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is broadcast Saturdays, 6-8 PM on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, TX.