(HOUSTON, TX – Consumer Team News)   The Consumer Team today announced the addition of Woodway Rebab & Wellness as a sponsor of Consumer Team-Houston.  Dr. Terry Smedstad, founder of Woodway, will be a guest contributor on the program, according to Consumer Team host Pete Thomson. The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-6 PM on 740 KTRH.

Dr. Terry Smedstad – Woodway Rehab & Wellness

Dr. Smedstad was introduced to the power of Chiropractic when, as a high school athlete, he was facing surgery as a result of an football injury.  An Oakland team Chiropractor treated him successfully and without surgery.  In fact, Dr. Smedstad went on to play college rugby. That experience with non-surgical healing was the impetus of a 30+ year career in chiropractic medicine.   In Houston, Dr. Smedstad has helped thousands of patients get pain free without surgery.

Thomson says that Dr. Smedstad will be a valuable source of information for KTRH listeners.  He said, “Every day in the Houston area, people suffer from severe pain.   Many of those people are facing surgery.   During our interviews with Dr. Smedstad we’ll discuss the non-surgical alternative to neck and back surgery.  Dr. Smedstad’s track record of success is very impressive.   People who have been in pain for years, even decades, are getting relief from Woodway Rehab & Wellness.  Our KTRH interview series with Dr. Smedstad will be a powerful service to the community.”

For more information on Woodway Rehab & Wellness call (713) 622-2225.   The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is produced by McQ Media.