(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   For consumers thinking about buying a hybrid vehicle, The Consumer Team radio program recommends that you reconsider your decision.  “Hybrids aren’t worth the additional cost”, commented Pete Thomson host of The Consumer Team, heard Saturdays 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD Radio.   Thomson added, “Based on our research, we believe that hybrids aren’t quite ready for the mass market.”

Hybrids:  Not a good deal yet, according to The Consumer Team

Hybrids: Not a good deal yet, according to The Consumer Team

The Consumer Team recently aired a segment discussing the costs of hybrid ownership.  Joining Thomson was Consumer Team automotive expert, Richard Walsh.   Walsh, a veteran of the auto industry and owner of Auto Locators of Texas, cited specific math on the payoff for hybrid technology.   Thomson said, “The time required to break even on the extra cost of a hybrid just doesn’t make sense for consumers.   In many cases, we’re seeing a 7 year period to reach break-even, which is longer than many people keep a car.”    Adding to the overall cost of owning a hybrid are higher maintenance costs.   Thomson added, “We’re finding that local, independent mechanics are not comfortable working on hybrids, which means that consumers are required to use franchise dealership service departments, which are more expensive.”

Will hybrids make sense someday?   “Absolutely,” Thomson said, “But right now, consumers who are trying to save on fuel costs are better off buying a high MPG gas powered vehicle which can get over 35 MPG.   That’s good mileage but without having to incur the additional costs of a hybrid.”

Thomson has been critical of the automobile industry on The Consumer Team.  He said, “Several surveys have shown that consumers don’t like the car industry.  They don’t like the tactics, tricks and lack of transparency.  It is because of these problems that we are so excited to have Richard Walsh of Auto Locators of Texas on The Consumer Team.   Auto Locators of Texas offers outstanding pre-owned vehicles at fair prices in an environment that people find very refreshing.   They’re an outstanding addition to The Consumer Team.”

For more information on The Consumer Team, go to http://www.myconsumerteam.com   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.