(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   Everywhere you go these days, there’s a camera.   At a stoplight, at the neighborhood 7-11, in schools, hospitals and churches.   Thanks to falling prices in high-tech, video cams  and the the video footage they record, are now available to the police and, in some cases, other individuals that might surprise you.    According to Consumer Team talk radio host Pete Thomson, consumers need to be very aware of privacy issues related to video surveillance.   Thomson said, “This is yet another form of digital snooping that, if not addressed, can be very damaging to our privacy and our liberty.”

Consumer Team:  Video Snoopers Need Oversight

Consumer Team: Video Snoopers Need Oversight

On Saturday, May 24, 2014 The Consumer Team talk radio program will air a special segment on video snooping.  Jennifer Abel of Consumer Affairs will join Thomson as a special guest for the program.   Thomson added, “Jennifer and the team at Consumer Affairs have done a good job of being on the front end of this issue.  During the interview we’ll address the scope of what video snooping is being done, how it’s being used and what this all means to the consumer.”

License plate scanners, now being utilized by many police departments nation-wide, are opening citizens up to a a whole new list of prvivacy challenges.   Thomson said, “The data is being potentially mismanaged on several levels.   Innocent people are being arrested as a result of bad information.  And, in some cases, the information is being made available to people outside the police department.   This is a huge concern.”

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