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Consumer Team Recognizes Speed of Light Broadband for Excellence

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)    Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team radio program, announced today the addition of Speed of Light Broadband to the Consumer Team’s list of ‘Consumer Certified Sponsors’.   Speed of Light Broadband is a leader in providing high-speed internet access to consumers living in rural areas north of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Speed of Light Broadband:  Bringing high-speed internet to rural consumers

Speed of Light Broadband: Bringing high-speed internet to rural consumers

Thomson commented on the addition of Speed of Light Broadband to The Consumer Team.  He said, “For years consumers and small business owners in rural areas were forced to use less-than-desirable modes of internet connectivity.    Before the emergence of Speed of Light and their high-speed wireless technology, consumers were stuck using slow connections from dial-up and satellite internet providers.   With Speed of Light Broadband, the rural customer can now surf the web at speeds previously unavailable in rural areas.”    Thomson cited Speed of Light’s local ownership and commitment to service excellence as key strengths of the company.   Thomson said, “In addition to delivering very fast internet service, Speed of Light is locally owned and operated right here in North Texas.   Their phone support is Texas-based which means no off-shore phone nightmares.   And the service is very dependable.   Rural consumers who have been frustrated by weather outages and other performance issues common with satellite internet will love the consistent, day-to-day performance of Speed of Light Broadband.”

Bryan Neumann, Director of Operations for Speed of Light Broadband will be joining Consumer Team host Pete Thomson as a special guest on a regular basis.   According to Thomson, Neumann will be contributing to the Consumer Team talk radio program on a number of levels.   Thomson added, “Bryan is an expert on several aspects of the internet, digital communications and technology.   We’re going to be tapping into his vast knowledge base regarding topics like internet privacy and security, computer equipment buying tips and other areas of interest.   In addition, he’ll talking about the exciting things that Speed of Light is offering the rural community north of Dallas along the Highway 380 Corridor.”

For more information on Speed of Light Broadband, call 866-599-7652 or go to  The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD Radio.  For more information and to listen live go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.

Consumer Team Radio: Protect Yourself on the Web

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)          The Consumer Team talk radio program will be airing a feature regarding Consumer Reports recent ‘State of The Net’ Study.  Jeff Fox, Technology Editor with Consumer Reports, will join Consumer Team host Pete Thomson for a discussion regarding internet safety and scams.   The segment will air on Saturday, May 11, 2013 at 5PM (Central) on KRLD Radio, Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, calls the ‘State of the Net’ study the best of its kind.   Thomson added, “Consumer Reports has such a broad reach into the marketplace.  When they focus in on a topic or issue, they have a powerful ability to take a thorough and meaningful pulse of the marketplace.   In the segment with Jeff Fox, our listeners will benefit from in depth research into current threats on the net.  They’ll also learn how to fight back against the cyber bad guys.”

Included in the Consumer Reports study are the latest statistics regarding malware attacks against Americans.   Also included is research on mobile and social media security threats.   According to Thomson, the interview will cover a number of free programs that consumers can use to keep their web surfing safe.

The Consumer Team on 1080 KRLD is one of the most listened to local consumer programs in the country.   KRLD’s weekly audience is over 500,000 persons which makes it one of the top rated news-talk radio stations in the nation.   Thomson describes The Consumer Team as his ‘passion in life.’  He added, “I’ve been involved in consumer advocacy journalism and broadcasting for over 10 years.   Our goal on The Consumer Team is to help our listeners save time, money and grief in their lives as a consumer.  From finding great deals to helping folks avoid scams, we try to bring fresh content to the airwaves every week.”    Thomson described the consumer landscape in America as very challenging.  He said, “The good news is that consumers have more tools at their finger tips that can truly help them maximize their consumer lives.   The bad news is that there are more scams and bad deals out there than ever before.  The internet alone has presented a number of challenges to consumers.  On The Consumer Team our goal is to help people navigate through the shark infested waters.”

To learn more about The Consumer Team and to listen live online, go to    The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.

The Big Scam: & Clean Your PC Programs

(DALLAS, TX)     Consumer Team host Pete Thomson calls the internet a modern day version of the “wild, wild west”.   According to Thomson, “It’s like Dodge City in the 1800s.  Every day the medicine wagon rolls into town with a different deal, and every one of them are guaranteed to make you rich, debt free and with a full head of hair to boot.  The modern day internet scammer makes Mr. Haney (from the Green Acres TV sitcom) look like Andrew Carnegie”   It’s so bad, according to Thomson, that The Consumer Team radio program is be dedicating airtime to exposing what he calls, The Big Scam.

The Consumer Team is Exposing 'The Big Scam'

Pete Thomson is a veteran consumer advocacy journalist.   He’s hosted consumer radio programs for over a decade.  His current program, The Consumer Team, is heard Saturdays on KRLD Radio, Dallas, Texas.   Thomson says he’s been critical of scams for years but that the proliferation of internet-based hoaxes has motivated him to increase his program’s focus on bad consumer deals.  Thomson added, “I grew up in Charles City, Iowa in the 1960s.  Back then, life and especially your consumer life, was pretty simple.  You shopped locally, knew all the retailers and when something broke the business owner made things right.   Now, and largely because of the web, the scammers can hide behind websites that look honest and upstanding on the surface.  Dig a little deeper and the evil starts to show.”

On recent Consumer Team broadcasts, Thomson cited several web-based business models that he thinks are questionable.   Thomson voiced concern about the many services offering to clean up and speed up personal computers.  Thomson said, “A good number of these companies are a fraud.  We interviewed Andrew Cunningham with, a leading tech website.  His recent article confirmed our suspicions that many of the companies advertising to improve PC speed and remove malware are ineffective or even malware themselves.”   Thomson added that many of these scam offers are targeting older consumers through talk radio and late night television.   Click here to read Cunningham’s article from

The Consumer Team is also critical of a consumer gripe site called   Thomson called Scambook’s business model ‘very troubling.’  He added, “On the surface looks like the good guys.  They’re giving disgruntled consumers a forum to complain about bad deals from retailers.  However, dig a little deeper and you discover that Scambook is really a business that’s built to profit from requiring businesses to pay high fees in order to get negative consumer comments removed from the website.   Even more suspicious looking is the fact that one of Scambook’s founders is an attorney who works in class action lawsuits.”     For more information on Scambook’s business model and the mounting number of complaints being made about the business, Thomson recommends watching a recent investigative report from WMAQ-TV, Chicago.   Thomson said, “The WMAQ piece was well done.  It shines a light on these guys and exposes the truth.”   Thomson added that there are numerous sites devoted to exposing Scambook’s business practices.

So what is Thomson asking consumers to do?    Thomson commented, “The first thing all of us need to do is dig deeper on any business we’re about to do business with.  Slick websites and award-winning commercials can make any company look legitimate.  Consumers can avoid so much heartache and pain in their consumer life by slowing down and doing their research.   Information is power, especially when you’re trying to stay ahead of the scams.  I invite everyone to use our website as a resource.  And if that doesn’t work, email me.  The Consumer Team is here to help the consumer.”

The Consumer Team is broadcast from 5-7PM Saturdays on 1080 KRLD in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.  KRLD is the leading news station in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market.   The Consumer Team features consumer tips, information and research designed to help listeners in the DFW Metroplex and beyond make better consumer and shopping decisions.   Pete Thomson has been working in the area of consumer advocacy for over 10 years.  He founded The Consumer Team with a mission to help Dallas and Ft. Worth consumers save time, money and grief in the consumer lives.  Thomson is also president/CEO of McQ Media, a Dallas based marketing and advertising firm.

To learn more about The Consumer Team and to listen live go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.

New Holiday Shopping Tips For 2012

The Consumer Team talk radio program will be featuring holiday shopping tips every week through Christmas.   The Consumer Team airs Saturdays from 5-7PM Central on KRLD CBS Radio in Dallas, Texas.   According to Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, the holiday shopping programs will address some of the most important consumer issues surrounding holiday gift shopping.   Thomson said, “Consumers do the majority of their annual spending in November and December.  This year I’m very pleased with the topics we’re addressing on The Consumer Team.  Many of the shopping tips are totally new concepts that haven’t been widely talked about in the media.  From Black Friday to Cyber-Monday on through New Years, we’ll be sharing a ton of new and useful shopping tips and strategies.”

The Consumer Team Holiday Shopping Specials will address opportunities to save money, time and grief in both online and in-store shopping.   Thomson stated, “There are two distinctive shopping worlds emerging….online and in-store.  And, as our holiday shopping features will show, there are specific strategies to be used in each venue.   For internet shopping, we’ll be reporting on several new and useful shopping websites and apps that have the potential to save consumers a lot of money through discounts and special promotions.   Several of the websites and apps we’ll be discussing were not even on people’s radar last year.   As for the in-store shopping experience, there are new tips and tricks that we’ll feature that will prepare Consumer Team listeners to get very good deals and discounts at retail locations.”

The Consumer Team radio program regularly features consumer experts from Consumer Reports Magazine and Shop Smart Magazine.    Thomson said, “When it comes to consumer research and ratings, there is no better or more credible source that Consumer’s Union, Consumer Reports Magazine and Shop Smart Magazine.   I’m thrilled whenever we can get one of their writers for an interview.”

Pete Thomson has worked in consumer advocacy journalism and broadcasting for over 10 years.  Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, The Consumer Team is one of the most listened to consumer advocacy radio programs in the US.

For more information or to listen live go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.

Web Reliability Questions…..The Consumer Team Investigates

This week’s nationwide failure of GoDaddy email and website hosting has many consumers and business owners asking questions about the reliability of their email and website platforms.   This Saturday (September 15th) at 5PM Central The Consumer Team will feature special program segments focusing on these issues.   Jeff Fox, Technology Editor from Consumer Reports Magazine, will be a featured guest on the program which is heard on 1080 KRLD Radio in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, said the goal of the program will be to identify clearly the problem but also suggest solutions.  “Both individuals and companies discovered how dependent they are on GoDaddy this week.  When GoDaddy’s email and websites failed for around 4 hours on Monday, it created serious issues for both consumers and businesses.”   Thomson added, “The Consumer Team will discuss several theories that are emerging regarding the cause of the GoDaddy incident.   We will also discuss ways that individuals and businesses can create email and website redundancy to alleviate the negative impact of future failures.”

Regarding Jeff Fox of Consumer Reports Magazine, Thomson commented, “Consumer’s Union and Consumer Reports Magazine are unmatched when it comes to objective consumer reporting and advocacy.   Whenever we can get one of their writers on our program, it always results in very good information being shared.  Jeff Fox has made several appearances on The Consumer Team.  He’s always very prepared and knows the issues inside and out.  We’ll all learn from Jeff this Saturday on The Consumer Team.”

To listen live, go to  

The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas.


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