(Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX)    LifeLock is back in the news, this time as a result of the Federal Trade Commission’s claim that the company is continuing to make false claims in their advertising.    Problems with advertising claims are not new for LifeLock, who paid $12 million in fines in 2012 to settle charges that it made deceptive and false ad claims.  The most recent FTC charges claim that LifeLock falsely advertised the ability to secure its subscribers data with the same technical sophistication as major financial institutions.   The FTC charges also claim that LifeLock failed to create and maintain a comprehensive security program to protect users’ credit card, social security, and bank account data.A Virtual Reality Display Confirming Identity Theft

Pete Thomson, founder of The Consumer Team, commented on the latest charges against LifeLock.  “We’ve been concerned about the advertising claims of LifeLock for some time.   Their commercials make promises that aren’t in line with the actual product they deliver.  Very troubling, also, are the charges regarding LifeLock’s own internal systems for protecting customer data.   If anyone should have bullet-proof internal systems for protecting customer data, it should be the company selling ID theft protection.”

Thomson said that The Consumer Team will be airing a series of programs regarding identity theft.   Thomson said, “There are a number of competing messages in the marketplace regarding identity theft and much of the information is either exaggerated or just plain wrong.    We’re in the process of vetting several sources to be experts on The Consumer Team.”

Thomson says he wants to clarify several aspects of identity protection on The Consumer Team.   He added, “First, we believe that consumers must take a proactive role in the process of protecting their critical personal information.   Beyond that I want us to help consumers understand how to respond after their identity has been breached.    In the area of identity restoration, consumers need to understand the process and what assistance they will receive as part of an ID theft protection package.”

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