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Elite Remodeling Joins Consumer Team DFW

DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX — Consumer Team News)   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team on 1080 KRLD, today announced a new partnership with Elite Remodeling, a Frisco, Texas based remodeling firm.    Thomson said that Elite Remodeling Founder/CEO John Todd will join The Consumer Team as a regular contributor and exclusive sponsor in the remodeling category.

John Todd - Elite Remodeling

John Todd – Elite Remodeling

For The Consumer Team, the addition of Elite Remodeling is the conclusion of a long search.  Thomson commented, “The remodeling category on Consumer Team is vital.  And because there is such a wide variety of competency levels in the marketplace, it was essential for us to take our time and find the very best remodeling company in North Texas.  Elite Remodeling led by John Todd is, quite simply, the best in North Texas.”

Thomson said the Consumer Team segments with John Todd we be highly educational.  He added, “Because there are some many moving parts to the remodeling process, I know we’ll be spending a considerable amount of time on remodeling education, including a focus on best practices when it comes to remodeling.”

Elite Remodeling Joins The Consumer Team

Elite Remodeling Joins The Consumer Team

Demographic trends, according to Thomson, make remodeling a very relevant topic for on-the-air discussion.   Thomson said, “Two trends are making remodeling a hot topic with consumers.  First is the overall real estate market, which is the strongest it’s been in years.   A hot market, combined with rising prices have resulted in consumers, especially baby-boomers approaching or in retirement, opting to remodel their current home rather than deal with the uncertainties of selling and moving.  Consequently, there is a large increase in consumers wanting to do major renovation on their homes. ”   As in all consumer transactions that involve large amounts of money, Thomson says, vetting a prospective remodeling company is vital.   He added, “Elite Remodeling represents best practices in all areas of remodeling.   From managing the detail of a project budget to dealing with municipality permitting to quality craftsmanship, Elite has set and maintains a very high standard.”

As with all Consumer Team topics, Thomson says the goal is to educate consumers and connect them to the best contractors in North Texas.   He said, “An educated consumer is in a much better position to make good financial as well as design decisions and we’ll address that in our on-air segments with John Todd.  Beyond education, we’ll be connecting Consumer Team listeners with John and his team of professionals at Elite Remodeling so they can get the job done right.”

The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson airs in Dallas-Ft. Worth on 1080 KRLD Radio, Saturdays from 6-8 PM   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.

Consumer Team Welcomes Timeshare Exit Team

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS — Consumer Team News)   Consumer Team host Pete Thomson today announced that Timeshare Exit Team is joining The Consumer Team as a sponsor.   Timeshare Exit Team is a company that helps consumers get out of timeshares.  Commenting on the on-air partnership, Thomson commented, “We have been aware of Timeshare Exit Team for some time.   I’m very impressed with their track record of helping consumers successfully get out of timeshare deals.  We are excited to have them on The Consumer Team.”   In addition to their presence on Consumer Team in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Thomson’s endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team  will also air in TSN news programming throughout Texas on The Texas State Networks.    Thomson added, “We applaud Timeshare Exit Team for their commitment to educating consumers throughout the Lone Star State.  As a result of this campaign partnership, thousands of consumers in Texas will get relief from timeshare deals that are no longer the right fit for their lifestyle.”

Timeshare Exit Team - Endorsed by The Consumer Team

Timeshare Exit Team – Endorsed by The Consumer Team

According to Thomson, the burden of some timeshare agreements is a significant consumer issue.   He said, “Based on our research we know that consumers can feel trapped in timeshares.   Oftentimes they don’t even use the timeshare.  Also, the maintenance fees can become a big issue.   With further research we found that Timeshare Exit Team is ‘best practices’ for helping consumers get out of a timeshare safely and permanently. ”

Pete Thomson - The Consumer Team

Pete Thomson – The Consumer Team

Thomson said leadership from Timeshare Exit Team will be joining The Consumer Team as regular contributors.   Thomson added, “Our interviews with Timeshare Exit Team leadership will be very educational and will help consumers understand what the options are regarding timeshare agreements.”   Thomson commended Timeshare Exit Team for their transparency and customer focus.  He said, “I love the fact that consumers can get a free consultation from Timeshare Exit Team.   Without spending a dime, you can find out what your options are.  This is an outstanding service.”

The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is one of the most listened to consumer advocacy programs in the country.    The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays, 6-8 PM on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Consumer Team Welcomes Tax Attorney Nick Nemeth

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS – Consumer Team News)   Consumer Team host Pete Thomson today announced that Dallas-Ft. Worth tax attorney Nick Nemeth will be appearing as a regular contributor on The Consumer Team.  Nemeth, who helps consumers resolve IRS tax issues, will join Thomson for a series of educational broadcasts.   Regarding the addition of Nemeth to The Consumer Team, Thomson said “We’re very excited to welcome Nick Nemeth to The Consumer Team.  He represents best practices in the category of tax resolution.”

Nick Nemeth - DFW Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth – DFW Tax Attorney

The Consumer Team broadcasts with Nick Nemeth will address common consumer mistakes made in tax resolution, according to Thomson.   He added, “The first and often biggest mistake consumers make is calling one of the national advertisers that make big promises in their radio advertising.  Oftentimes consumers pay big retainers and don’t even speak with an attorney.  Nick Nemeth is a local, DFW tax lawyer who has a very good reputation for helping consumers resolve IRS tax issues.  We recommend Nick for any consumers needing to deal with an IRS issue.”

The addition of Nemeth to The Consumer Team is consistent with the program’s commitment to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Market.  According to Thomson, large consumer services that cover multiple markets can’t offer focus or quality.  He added, “The big consumer sites that cover multiple markets are the new yellow pages.  If a business owner can fog a mirror and has a valid credit card, they’ll be recommended.  In our view, that’s not a reliable method for the consumer.  On The Consumer Team I’ve chosen to take a different approach.   We want to be very effective for North Texas.   The only way to truly accomplish that is to stay local.  I know all of our sponsors personally.  Some of these folks, I’ve known for over a deade.  There’s no way I could achieve that kind of focus in more than one market.”

The Consumer Team airs Saturdays from 6-8 PM (Central) on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD in Dallas-Ft. Worth.  The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.


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