The Consumer Team talk radio program and host Pete Thomson have established ‘best in category’ partnerships with several of Dallas/Ft. Worth’s leaders in business and medicine.   Dr. Gary Donovitz, President of BioTE Medical, is The Consumer Team’s authority when it comes to natural hormone replacement therapy.   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, heard Saturday’s 5-7PM Central on KRLD Radio, commented on Dr. Donovitz and BioTE Medical.  Thomson said, “On The Consumer Team we search for the best of the best to present to our listeners.   Our listeners depend on us to vet our sponsors thoroughly before bringing them on the air.   Dr. Gary Donovitz and the team at BioTE Medical are a very good example of that quality we’re striving for.”

Dr. Gary Donovitz

Dr. Donovitz is an authority on natural hormone replacement therapy.  He’s been a trailblazer in the development of pellet hormone therapy.   According to Thomson, “We were getting a considerable amount of listener questions regarding hormone replacement.  Men, especially, want to know about getting their hormones balanced.   We looked into the category and it became clear that Dr. Donovitz and BioTE Medical were the leaders.   We not only liked Dr. Donovitz’s track record of accomplishments but also the quality of the physicians that are using the BioTE Method of hormone replacement.”

Dr. Donovitz can be heard each week as a guest on The Consumer Team, which airs Saturday 5-7PM (Central) on 1080 KRLD in Dallas, Texas.  For more information on BioTE Medical, go to

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