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Ventana by Buckner: Luxury & Value for Retirement

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS – Consumer Team News)    The corner of Central Expressway & Northwest Highway is getting ready for a big change. Ventana by Buckner, twin 12 story luxury high rise towers, will offer DFW residents a new concept in retirement living.  Consumer Team host Pete Thomson recently called Ventana ‘a game changer’ for retirement.  Thomson added, “Ventana will change the way people retire in Dallas.   It combines luxury and excellence with the integrity of Buckner Retirement Services.”

Ventana - Coming to Northwest Highway & Central in Dallas

Ventana – Coming to Northwest Highway & Central in Dallas

Excellence and luxury permeates all aspects of the new Ventana.  From the floor-to-ceiling views of downtown Dallas and the Park Cities to world-class restaurants to a spa and health club, life at Ventana will be filled with luxury.   Thomson said, “At Ventana, you’re just minutes away from all the best that Dallas has to offer.  Restaurants, entertainment and shopping are all within minutes.   This is a very appealing lifestyle.”

According to Thomson, the value that Ventana delivers is unsurpassed.  He added, “From a value standpoint, we like the fact that Ventana’s monthly fee includes a number of services that are normally additional charges at other retirement communities.  These extra charges often add up to thousands of dollars every year.  When you run the numbers and truly account for all the services are included at Ventana, the value is very apparent.”

Thomson also praised the continuing care aspect of Ventana.  Thomson said, “When someone moves to Ventana they can be confident that many of the services they’ll need through their retirement life will be available at the Ventana campus.  That makes life much less stressful, especially during the times that a person needs more medical services.”

The integrity part of Ventana, according to Thomson, comes from Buckner Retirement Services.  He said, “Buckner has been impacting lives for over 100 years.  Their support of orphaned children dates back to just after the Civil War.   Buckner Retirement Services brings a level of integrity to Ventana that is very meaningful.   We believe the non-profit approach to retirement services is superior to for-profit on a number of levels, most notably the quality of care.”

For people weighing their options for retirement, Thomson recommends meeting the team at Ventana. He said, “Ventana’s information center overlooks the site where Ventana will be built.  And their model of the two 12-story towers really makes Ventana come alive.”

For more information on Ventana call 214-234-1035.  Learn more about Ventana by Buckner on The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson, Saturdays from 6-8 PM on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD.  The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.

Consumer Team: Nick Nemeth is “Best Practices” for Helping Consumers

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TEXAS – Consumer Team News)   The Consumer Team’s Pete Thomson regularly promotes ‘shopping local’ on his consumer advocacy radio program.   When it comes to getting help dealing with an IRS tax issue, Thomson says picking a local attorney is critical.   “We believe shopping local is very important to achieving success as a consumer.  When it comes to dealing with an IRS tax issue, hiring a local attorney is very important.   Nick Nemeth is our choice on The Consumer Team.”

Nick Nemeth - DFW Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth – DFW Tax Attorney

Nick Nemeth is a regular contributor to The Consumer Team talk radio program which is broadcast Saturdays, 6-8 PM on CBS Radio’s KRLD.   Thomson commented on Nemeth’s contributions to The Consumer Team.  He commented,  “Besides being local, Nick Nemeth is what we consider best practices when it comes helping consumers in North Texas get IRS problems resolved.   He’s smart, honest and very consumer friendly.”

The consumer waters are filled with sharks, according to Thomson, when it comes to tax resolution services.   “Just listen to talk radio or surf the web,” Thomson added, “and you’ll find a number of national companies that aggressively market their services.   They make big promises but, in the end, deliver little to the consumer.   With some of the national companies, the consumer doesn’t even talk to an attorney.   It’s a bad deal for consumers.”

Thomson encourages anyone dealing with an IRS tax issue to call Nick Nemeth.  He added, “We love the fact that Nick offers a free initial consultation.   During that time, a consumer can get good counsel from an attorney who is well respected in Dallas-Ft. Worth.”    To reach Nick Nemeth, call 972-484-0829.

The Consumer Team is DFW’s longest running and highest rated consumer advocacy radio program. The program is focused solely on Dallas-Ft. Worth and promotes locally owned and operated business sponsors.   The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.


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