(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   Consumer advocate Pete Thomson says he was blown away when he investigated the prices of hearing aids.   “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  A pair of hearing aids could cost as much as a car.”    The prices he found motivated Thomson to look deeper into how the hearing aid business operated.  Thomson will report the results of his findings on The Consumer Team, Saturday, April 5th on 1080 KRLD Radio.

Hearing Aid Pricing - The Consumer Team Investigates

Hearing Aid Pricing – The Consumer Team Investigates

“It just didn’t make sense,” Thomson continued, “The prices for electronics are generally falling.   Smart phones, printers, laptops and tablets are getting cheaper while hearing aids still often cost a fortune.  Hearing aids are really not that complicated.  They consist of a speaker, microphone, amplifier and a power source.”   What Thomson found was a consumer world full of middlemen who called themselves specialists.  “They’ve got all kinds of names from hearing specialist to hearing advocate.   Regardless of the title, the markup is significant and not a good deal, especially for older consumers who are often on a fixed income.”

The Consumer Team hearing aid segment will include recommendations for businesses that feature fair pricing on hearing aids.  Thomson said, “If a consumer will shop around, they can find quality without paying too much.  We’ll be talking about several hearing aid outlets that offer quality products, competitive pricing as well as expert consultation.”

The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM (Central) on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD in Dallas.  The Consumer Team is one of the most listened to locally produced consumer advocacy programs in the nation.   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.