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Consumer Team Shares Tax Tips on KRLD

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   The Consumer Team talk radio program will air a special segment on tax law changes impacting consumers who are preparing 2013 tax returns.   Bill Robinson, a CPA from Ft. Worth and regular contributor on The Consumer Team, will join host Pete Thomson for the special tax segment.

The Consumer Team on 1080 KRLD Radio

The Consumer Team on 1080 KRLD Radio

Pete Thomson, commenting on the special tax feature, said that listeners will be surprised to hear some of the changes to the tax laws. He commented, “There are some significant new tax laws that are impacting 2013 taxes, including several that are tied to the new healthcare laws.   Bill Robinson always brings interesting information to The Consumer Team.”
Another aspect of the interview, according to Thomson, will be a discussion on tax preparation software programs as well as issues that can act as audit triggers.

The Consumer Team is heard Saturdays, 5-7PM (Central) on CBS Radio’s 1080 KRLD in Dallas.   For more information and to listen live, go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.


BioTE Medical Receives Consumer Team CISQUA Award

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)  BioTE Medical has been presented the CISQUA Award by The Consumer Team for pioneering best practices in the field of natural hormone replacment for men and women.  Pete Thomson, founder/CEO of The Consumer Team, announced the award today.  The CISQUA Award recognizes exemplary corporate performance in areas of integrity, service, quality and accountability.

Dr. Gary Donovitz, founder and medical director of BioTE Medical, commented on the award.  He said, “We’re honored to receive this recognition.  The Consumer Team has a reputation for being very selective regarding the companies that they endorse and we’re thrilled to receive The CISQUA Award.

Dr. Gary Donovitz - BioTE Medical

Dr. Gary Donovitz – BioTE Medical

Pete Thomson said The CISQUA Award presented to BioTE Medical reflects the contributions that the company has made in the field of natural testosterone replacement.   Thomson added, “Hormone replacement and specifically testosterone replacement therapy are hot topics for consumers right now.  We believe that BioTE Medical’s all natural approach to hormone replacement is the safest and most effective way for both men and women to balance hormones.  Because of the significant issues that accompany the use of synthetic hormones, we believe that consumers need to understand how the natural approach used by BioTE Medical can be beneficial and very different than synthetic therapies.”

Thomson said that the marketplace is generally very confused about hormone replacement therapy, largely because of inaccurate media coverage.  He added, “The media understands half the story, which is that synthetic hormones, the ones you see advertised heavily on television, have a long list of negative side effects.  However, they haven’t grasped the difference between synthetic and natural hormones.”

Dr. Donovitz cited numerous research studies that support the use of natural testosterone replacement.  He added, “There are years of research and studies that support natural hormone replacement therapy.  In fact, we have multiple studies that show that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is protective to the prostate, heart, brain and breast.  The benefits to the patients, both men and women, allow for healthier lives as people age and they require fewer drugs for disease management.”

The growth of BioTE Medical has been steady and impressive.  According to BioTE Medical’s COO, Dan DeNeui, the company has grown to over 500 certified practitioners in 26 states.  DeNeui said, “Our growth has been exciting.  People are experiencing better health.  Plus, our practitioners, many of whom have been frustrated by the limitations of managed care, are excited to be able to offer the great benefits of BioTE to their patients.”

Beyond the advantages of BioTE’s natural approach to hormone therapy, Thomson cited their organization and network of medical practitioners as major assets.  He said, “BioTE Medical’s commitment to on-going training is very impressive.  And, the quality of physicians utilizing the BioTE Method in their practice is outstanding.”

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