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Consumer Team Announces CISQUA Award Program

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)    The Consumer Team has announced the establishment of a new award program designed to recognize companies that excel in serving the consumer.   According to Consumer Team Founder and CEO Pete Thomson, The CISQUA Award will recognize the most important qualities present in companies that serve the best interest of the consumer.   Thomson said, “CISQUA stands for companies, integrity, service, quality and accountability.   These are qualities that must be firmly entrenched inside a company in order for the consumer to be truly served.”

Pete Thomson - The Consumer Team

Pete Thomson – The Consumer Team

Thomson calls the awards program a natural extension of his radio program, The Consumer Team.   He added, “I started The Consumer Team to do two things:  to educate the consumer and then to connect that person with outstanding companies that are in business to serve the customer.”   Because of his high standards for The Consumer Team, Thomson says he’s had to decline a number of companies an admission to The Consumer Team.   Thomson said, “Lots of people say they’re serving the consumer but when you peel back the layers of the onion, another less positive story emerges.”

The first CISQUA Awards will be presented in January, 2014.   Thomson said the nomination and judging process is being handled internally by The Consumer Team.   He added, “Unlike awards that are determined by a fan or customer base, The CISQUA Awards program is based on specific research that we do at The Consumer Team.  We utilize traditional sources, such as the BBB.  However, much of our research comes from consumer advocacy groups and other resources we have developed at The Consumer Team.   As CISQUA Awards are presented, we’ll share the information that we’ve assembled on the recipient company so our listeners can understand why the company is receiving the recognition.  The awards process will very much be an educational process for the consumer.”

Thomson is a 30 year veteran of the broadcast industry and has been involved in consumer advocacy journalism for over 10 years.   The Consumer Team is one of the most listened to locally produced consumer advocacy programs in the nation.   The Consumer Team is heard Saturdays from 5-7 PM (Central) on CBS Radio’s KRLD 1080 AM in Dallas.   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, TX.





Consumer Team Endorses Auto Locators of Texas

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   The Consumer Team today announced the endorsement of Auto Locators of Texas, a Plano based company that sells pre-owned vehicles.   Consumer Team host Pete Thomson announced that Richard Walsh, owner of Auto Locators of Texas, will become a regular on-air contributor to The Consumer Team.

Auto Locators of Texas - Consumer Team Certified

Auto Locators of Texas – Consumer Team Certified

Pete Thomson said that the addition of Auto Locators of Texas to The Consumer Team is the result of an extensive search for a car retailer whose values were consistent with his program.   Thomson stated, “We believe there are significant issues with the majority of car dealers that often prevent consumers from getting a fair deal.  The addition of Auto Locators of Texas to The Consumer Team is a perfect match.   Richard Walsh and his team offer excellent used vehicles for thousands of dollars less than traditional car dealers.   Auto Locators of Texas does not subject the consumer to all the negatives that are associated with the car buying experience.  There are no sleazy sales people, no F&I (finance and insurance) tricks or other malarkey.  Just great cars at fair prices.”

In endorsing Auto Locators of Texas, Thomson says he’s endorsing the process of buying used vehicles.   Thomson stated, “Dollar for dollar, the best deal for consumers is a used vehicle.  We believe it is prudent for a consumer to avoid the depreciation hit that comes with a new car purchase.”  Thomson continued, “Auto Locators of Texas can serve any type of car buyer.  They offer late model high-end vehicles from manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus as well as less expensive vehicles.  Regardless of a customer’s needs, Auto Locators of Texas will deliver, and for thousands less than the big, franchise dealerships.”

Thomson attributed Auto Locator’s lower price structure to lower overhead.   He said, “Because Auto Locators of Texas doesn’t have a huge facility and large marketing budget like the big dealers, they can deliver the consumer a quality vehicle for thousands of dollars less.”   Thomson also cited Auto Locator’s customer service approach as superior to what consumers often experience when buying a car.   He said, “It’s amazing to see an operation like Auto Locators of Texas.  It’s the exact opposite of what people normally experience at a dealership.   Once consumers experience how good the car buying experience can be, they’ll never want to go back to the traditional, painful way that most people buy cars.”

Thomson said that Walsh will play a major role on The Consumer Team.  Thomson added, “Each year consumers lose billions because of bad car deals.  With the help of Richard Walsh and Auto Locators of Texas, The Consumer Team will first educate the consumer regarding the most important aspects of purchasing a car.  In addition, we want to connect our listeners to Auto Locators of Texas so they can get a great deal on their next car.”

The Consumer Team with Pete Thomson is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM Central on CBS Radio’s KRLD-AM 1080 in Dallas.   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc.




Consumer Reports Rate “Naughty & Nice” Company Policies & Best Printers

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)   On Sunday, December 8th, The Consumer Team’s Ernie Sprance will report on Consumer Reports Magazine and their new list of “Naughty & Nice” company policies.  The program will be broadcast on 1080 KRLD from 4-6PM.   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented on the special segment.  Thomson said, “Consumer Reports is the gold standard when it comes to consumer research and information. We really like what they do with the “Naughty & Nice” list.   American businesses need to be held accountable for maintaining strong customer service and CR’s list achieves this by shining a light on good and bad policies.”

Pete Thomson - The Consumer Team

Pete Thomson – The Consumer Team

Sunday’s Consumer Team program will also include information from Consumer Reports recent ratings of computer printers.   Thomson added, “The Consumer Reports ratings are one of the most important services that they offer to the consumer world.  The category of printers and ink cartridges can be a huge rip off if you’re not aware of the true cost.  The Consumer Reports info will really open up people’s eyes to the cost issues.”

The Consumer Team is normally broadcast on Saturday’s 5-7 on KRLD.  Because of special sports programming, the airtime is moved from Saturday to Sunday 4-6PM on December 8, 2013.   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.



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