(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)    Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team radio program, announced today the addition of Speed of Light Broadband to the Consumer Team’s list of ‘Consumer Certified Sponsors’.   Speed of Light Broadband is a leader in providing high-speed internet access to consumers living in rural areas north of Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Speed of Light Broadband:  Bringing high-speed internet to rural consumers

Speed of Light Broadband: Bringing high-speed internet to rural consumers

Thomson commented on the addition of Speed of Light Broadband to The Consumer Team.  He said, “For years consumers and small business owners in rural areas were forced to use less-than-desirable modes of internet connectivity.    Before the emergence of Speed of Light and their high-speed wireless technology, consumers were stuck using slow connections from dial-up and satellite internet providers.   With Speed of Light Broadband, the rural customer can now surf the web at speeds previously unavailable in rural areas.”    Thomson cited Speed of Light’s local ownership and commitment to service excellence as key strengths of the company.   Thomson said, “In addition to delivering very fast internet service, Speed of Light is locally owned and operated right here in North Texas.   Their phone support is Texas-based which means no off-shore phone nightmares.   And the service is very dependable.   Rural consumers who have been frustrated by weather outages and other performance issues common with satellite internet will love the consistent, day-to-day performance of Speed of Light Broadband.”

Bryan Neumann, Director of Operations for Speed of Light Broadband will be joining Consumer Team host Pete Thomson as a special guest on a regular basis.   According to Thomson, Neumann will be contributing to the Consumer Team talk radio program on a number of levels.   Thomson added, “Bryan is an expert on several aspects of the internet, digital communications and technology.   We’re going to be tapping into his vast knowledge base regarding topics like internet privacy and security, computer equipment buying tips and other areas of interest.   In addition, he’ll talking about the exciting things that Speed of Light is offering the rural community north of Dallas along the Highway 380 Corridor.”

For more information on Speed of Light Broadband, call 866-599-7652 or go to http://www.solbroadband.com.  The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD Radio.  For more information and to listen live go to http://www.myconsumerteam.com.   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.