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Avoiding Wedding Rip-offs & Pitfalls

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)       Summer’s almost here and so is wedding season.  According to The Consumer Team, consumers need to be aware of issues that can negatively impact the wedding experience.   Saturday, April 27 from 5-7PM on KRLD Radio, The Consumer Team will air a special segment focusing on wedding rip-offs and over-charging.   Ernie Sprance, a veteran consumer advocacy journalist, will join Consumer Team host Pete Thomson for the weddings segment.

Pete Thomson, commenting on the wedding segment, said “Because most people are responsible for putting on just a few weddings in their lives, they tend to be susceptible to misunderstandings, overcharges and rip-offs.   In our special weddings segment, we’ll expose the areas where problems happen most frequently.   This will be very valuable information for anyone who’s about to get married.”

Consumer Team: Avoiding Wedding Pitfalls

Pete Thomson said that many of the issues surrounding weddings can be avoided just by knowing the rules of engagement.   Thomson added, “We’ll address things like contracts, tips and issues with hotels.  Just knowing about these areas of concern is 99% of being successful.  In addition, we’ll share some ideas that will make listeners less likely to be a victim of a wedding rip off.”    Thomson added, “There are some really sad stories out there of people being severely disappointed on their wedding day.  We hope to make the wedding world a little safer to navigate through.”

The Consumer Team on 1080 KRLD is one of the most listened to local consumer programs in the country.   KRLD’s weekly audience is over 500,000 persons which makes it one of the top rated news-talk radio stations in the nation.   Thomson describes The Consumer Team as his ‘passion in life.’  He added, “I’ve been involved in consumer advocacy journalism and broadcasting for over 10 years.   Our goal on The Consumer Team is to help our listeners save time, money and grief in their lives as a consumer.  From finding great deals to helping folks avoid scams, we try to bring fresh content to the airwaves every week.”    Thomson described the consumer landscape in America as very challenging.  He said, “The good news is that consumers have more tools at their finger tips that can truly help them maximize their consumer lives.   The bad news is that there are more scams and bad deals out there than ever before.  The internet alone has presented a number of challenges to consumers.  On The Consumer Team our goal is to help people navigate through the shark infested waters.”

To learn more about The Consumer Team and to listen live online, go to    The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.


Consumer Team Expands in Dallas & New York City

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)           The Consumer Team radio program today announced an expansion of its news bureaus in Dallas and New York City.   Veteran broadcaster John Clemens will be working as news contributor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market.   Ernie Sprance, a nationally known consumer journalist, is joining The Consumer Team as a special contributor, based in New York.    Pete Thomson, Founder/CEO of The Consumer Team, called the addition of Clemens and Sprance strategic for the long-term growth of The Consumer Team.  Thomson said, “I’ve known and respected the work of both John Clemens and Ernie Sprance for years.  Their addition to The Consumer Team gives our program additional strength in both news and investigative reporting.”

John Clemens

Clemens is a well known broadcaster in Dallas-Ft. Worth.   He’s anchored both local and national news programs and currently is heard on The Consumer Team News Updates, broadcast twice per hour on The Consumer Team.    Commenting on John Clemens, Pete Thomson said, “John has a real knack for finding breaking consumer stories.  And his ability to get access to news makers has been impressive.”

Ernie Sprance

Ernie Sprance is nationally known as the ‘voice’ of Consumer Reports ‘Report to Consumer’ radio commentary.  Sprance left Consumer Reports at the end of 2012.  Commenting on Ernie Sprance, Pete Thomson said, “Ernie’s reporting, writing and on-air skills are legendary.  We’re looking forward to tapping into his vast knowledge and consumer reporting experience.   Having a presence in  New York City, the nations number one consumer market will be an asset too.”

Thomson, in talking about the future of The Consumer Team radio program, stressed the importance of a team.  He said, “The Consumer Team name really defines our mission.   Our goal is to assemble the most credible and respected team of voices in consumer advocacy journalism along with the very best industry-specific authorities.”   Thomson called the sponsors of The Consumer Team an essential part of the team.  Thomson added, “Our sponsors are first experienced and respected authorities in their field.  Then, beyond that, we vet each of our sponsors to make sure that they offer a great product, fair pricing and outstanding customer service.”   Through the years, Thomson says that the program has turned down a number of sponsor opportunities.   He said, “We get approached on a regular basis by companies who want to be a Consumer Team-Certified sponsors.  However, if we are not comfortable with a company or their business model, we decline the sponsorship.”

The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays, 5-7PM (Central) on 1080 KRLD Radio, Dallas-Ft. Worth Texas.   For more information or the listen live, go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media Inc, Dallas, Texas.

The Consumer Team: Looking for the “Right” Car Dealer

(DALLAS-FT. WORTH, TX)        Consumer Team talk radio host Pete Thomson would like to find a car dealer to include on The Consumer Team radio program.  His problem?  He has yet to find one who fits the profile of The Consumer Team.   The challenge, as Thomson states, is one of philosophy.   Thomson said, “On The Consumer Team we have very specific values and opinions when it comes to how consumers should be treated.   The problem in the automobile industry, and in other industries as well, is that consumers are often given really bad deals.  And the bigger the price tag, the more scams you’ll find”

The Consumer Team -- Searching For The "Right" Car Dealer

The dilemma that Thomson and The Consumer Team face in the auto industry is nothing new.  As Thomson puts it, finding category experts has been a challenge across multiple industries.  He added, “We are looking for sponsors who are comfortable being very transparent with us and with the consumer.  It’s taken us years to find our current roster of Consumer Team Certified sponsors.”

In the automobile industry, Thomson says there are several areas of concern, including The Consumer Team’s stance that buying used vehicles is the best value for consumers.  Thomson added, “The dealer that we end up featuring and endorsing on The Consumer Team will need to recognize that used cars priced appropriately are a great value for the consumer.   Dollar for dollar we believe that buying used is a prudent financial move.  Beyond that, we’re looking for a partner who does not take advantage of consumers on the trade-in or in F&I (finance and insurance).”   Thomson said that dealers often build very high profit margins into the areas of the transaction that consumers understand the least.   Thomson added, “Let me be clear, we’re not against a profit, we just think it should be fair and fully disclosed.  Some of the products that car dealers sell as part of what’s called the back end, are total rip offs.   From extended warranties to Scotch-guarding the car seats, it can get pretty bad.”

Regardless of whether or not The Consumer Team finds an expert automotive sponsor, Thomson says the program will continue to aggressively address rip offs, scams and other bad behavior in the automobile industry.   He said, “We know that our listeners depend on The Consumer Team to help them navigate through the shark infested waters that consumers swim in these days.  When a consumer is being ripped off, our goal is to report the scam and stop the bad guys from ripping off more people.”   In the car industry, Thomson cites Consumer Reports Magazine as being every effective in the fight for the consumer.   Thomson said, “Consumer Reports has really helped put the buyer back in a position of leverage in the car buying process.   From their ratings of vehicles to their tips on how to get a good deal on a car, consumers can get very valuable information using this tool.”  Beyond that, Thomson says, he advises consumers to slow down the buying process.  He added, “Research and due diligence are critical to success in any major consumer transaction.  We advise our listeners to take a deep breath, research the process and proceed with great caution.  Let’s face it, today there are more scams than ever and as a consumer you must be prepared.”

Thomson’s Consumer Team radio program is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD Radio, Dallas-Ft. Worth.   Thomson started his consumer advocacy journalism career over a decade ago.   Thomson says he’s been an advocate of the consumer since childhood.  Thomson said, “Growing up in Charles City, Iowa in the 1970s I lived in small town environment where local businesses took care of their customers.  Both of my parents owned retail stores and I remember the great lengths they went to in order to satisfy their customers.  As a result, my personal standard for customer service is very high.”

For more information on The Consumer Team or to listen live go to   The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas.


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