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How To Claim More Money From Social Security

The Consumer Team talk radio program will air a special segment regarding new software that is allowing consumers to get more money in Social Security benefits.   Jim Poe of Texas Retirement Specialists will be a featured guest on the program.  The Consumer Team will air Saturday, September 29th, 3-4PM (Central) on 1080 KRLD Radio in Dallas.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented on the Social Security special broadcast.  “Because of new software that’s been developed, Texas Retirement Specialists has the ability to help consumers identify more money in Social Security benefits.  Previously most people considered the age that they take benefits as the major variable in determining benefit amounts.  However, Social Security is much more complicated than just that decision.”   According to Thomson, listeners will be given an opportunity to see firsthand what additional benefits they could receive.   Thomson added, “Listeners will be able to access a website which will show a specific amount of additional money that is available.  It’s a very simple process which takes under 5 minutes to complete.”  Previously, Thomson reports, listeners have identified as much as $299,000 in additional Social Security benefits.  “Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen people find a few thousand to $299,000.  Obviously this has the potential to dramatically change a person’s retirement.”

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Web Reliability Questions…..The Consumer Team Investigates

This week’s nationwide failure of GoDaddy email and website hosting has many consumers and business owners asking questions about the reliability of their email and website platforms.   This Saturday (September 15th) at 5PM Central The Consumer Team will feature special program segments focusing on these issues.   Jeff Fox, Technology Editor from Consumer Reports Magazine, will be a featured guest on the program which is heard on 1080 KRLD Radio in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, said the goal of the program will be to identify clearly the problem but also suggest solutions.  “Both individuals and companies discovered how dependent they are on GoDaddy this week.  When GoDaddy’s email and websites failed for around 4 hours on Monday, it created serious issues for both consumers and businesses.”   Thomson added, “The Consumer Team will discuss several theories that are emerging regarding the cause of the GoDaddy incident.   We will also discuss ways that individuals and businesses can create email and website redundancy to alleviate the negative impact of future failures.”

Regarding Jeff Fox of Consumer Reports Magazine, Thomson commented, “Consumer’s Union and Consumer Reports Magazine are unmatched when it comes to objective consumer reporting and advocacy.   Whenever we can get one of their writers on our program, it always results in very good information being shared.  Jeff Fox has made several appearances on The Consumer Team.  He’s always very prepared and knows the issues inside and out.  We’ll all learn from Jeff this Saturday on The Consumer Team.”

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The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas.


Consumer Team Radio: Beating The Scammers

The Consumer Team talk radio program will feature 2 special segments regarding how to fight back against consumer scams.  The special program will air Saturday, September 8 from 3-5PM Central on 1080 KRLD Radio, Dallas, Texas.

Jeff Blyskal, Senior Editor with Consumer Reports Magazine, will be a featured guest on The Consumer Team.   Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, said the segments will address new scams hitting the marketplace.  “The bad guys are finding new, creative and pretty frightening ways to steal our hard earned money.  Jeff Blyskal, because of his involvement in Consumer Reports Magazine’s October feature on scams, is on the front lines with the latest information on scams.  I believe our listeners will benefit from hearing this fresh information regarding the strategies that scammers are using.”

Thomson added that ‘last dollar’ scams, where thieves target people who are nearly out of money, is very troubling.  “The thought of a scam targeting someone who’s already struggling financially is unconscionable.  Shining a bright light on these unscrupulous people and their tactics is a foundational purpose of The Consumer Team radio program.”

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The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media in Dallas, Texas.


Dr. Dennis Black Joins The Consumer Team

Dr. Dennis Black

The Consumer Team radio program today announced that Dr. Dennis Black has been added to the program’s list of select on-air contributors.  Dr. Black is a naturopathic medical doctor based in Dallas, Texas.  His passion is helping people prevent illness, restore health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Black, who is a cancer survivor, has developed a line of natural vitamin supplements.   Dr. Black’s ‘Healthy Fresh Start Program’ is a 90 day program designed to help people have improved health through a combination of natural supplements and healthy eating.

Pete Thomson, host of The Consumer Team, commented on Dr. Black’s addition to The Consumer Team.  “We’re very pleased to have Dr. Dennis Black on The Consumer Team.  In a consumer world that’s filled with many questionable health products, we are very impressed with the quality of Dr. Black’s supplements as well as the 90 Day Healthy Fresh Start Program.  Dr. Black has been able to help thousands of people with serious health challenges and we’re very excited to have him helping our audience.”

The Consumer Team is broadcast Saturdays from 5-7PM on 1080 KRLD Radio in Dallas/Ft. Worth.   For more information and to listen live, go to 

The Consumer Team is produced by McQ Media, Dallas, Texas.


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